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First Time in Dublin, Ireland? Here are Three Touristy Things You Absolutely Should Do

AerLingus planes just look like you’re about to have a good time. Their almost-cheesy symbol of Irish luck stands out from the rest of the hunks of metal at an American airport, and the light, fun feeling they have is an apt introduction to…

3 Vantage Points in Edinburgh You Don’t Want to Miss

When seeing Edinburgh, you need to go to these three spots to truly see the city.

You Should Visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, Even if You’re Not Christian

photo by Hieu Vu Minh (from

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an amazing and memorable site that has something for the history buff, the explorer, and everyone else in your group.

3 Hidden Gems within a Hidden Gem: The Wallace Collection, Westminster/London

In addition to housing the largest collection of armor in Europe, the Wallace Collection is home to marvels that chronicle the human condition.

London in Under $20 US

London First-Timers: Here’s How to Spend Your First Day

Why It’s Okay to Get Sucked In by a Huckster

We were in Trafalgar Square in London, staring up at the National Gallery amid swarms of fellow international travelers, visitors from nearby, and locals going about their days, when I did something I almost categorically never do: I let myself get sucked in to…

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