Hats Off to Bernie’s Restaurant & Pub in Hatboro, PA

What Piqued our Interest: Honestly, that they had beer

Average Price: $5.50 for craft beer, $10-11 burgers, $8-10 appetizers

Average Wait: no wait

Style: American gastropub

What we selected: Veggie wings with spicy garlic sauce and umami burger

Brief Wanderous Description: Bernie’s is a classy, comfy joint with a brick accent wall that caught our attention when we walked up. The subtle detail wasn’t something we sought, but was a feature that made us happy when we first saw it and the look of the rest of the place that blended with it smoothly. We sat facing the entrance. From there, we noticed the loft area with extra seating. The layout had just enough quirkiness and separated areas to add a feeling of intimacy.

Intangibles: Bernie’s has a perfect mix of young and old school that seemed natural, not forced. A bacon-breakfast burger and vegetarian appetizers in a place decorated with slick, but certainly not overdone greys and wood tones is a hard mix to achieve honestly in this age of HGTV and Pinterest. Was Bernie’s incredible/breathtaking/destination-worthy? Not really. Was it very tasty, comfortable, and friendly? Yes. Do we recommend it? Absolutely!


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