Why I’m Glad We’re Eloping

I’m getting married tomorrow. I’m very excited, but I’m also very calm. I’m sitting here writing this in the midst of wedding preparations because — well, because I have the time. We canned the wedding with 150 people in the Outer Banks at a beautiful place, and we’re having an official unoffical elopement in a little park down the street tomorrow morning.

Chris and I decided on Wednesday that we were ready to be married, and on Thursday we went to the courthouse and got the paperwork. That evening, we called our parents and his aunt and uncle, and we asked them to come up. On Friday, I called around and found a judge to marry us, and called the town to make sure we could use the little park down the street, found a place to eat, then got back to work.

I’m writing this post because I want to capture my thoughts in the middle of things, while they’re still real and I can still remember them. In the past three days, I’ve been through a lot of thoughts, and have been pretty steadily focusing on planning. Last night I woke up for about an hour thinking about where I’d be able to get something to keep me warm in my strapless dress that I chose… to wear outside in March. I also worried a little bit about how messy our home is since this will be the first time our parents see it. But most of all I wanted to stop my thoughts and go back to sleep, because felt confident that everything was going to be under control, even though I still had decisions to make.

I don’t want to sell eloping to couples who want to have a wedding, and I especially don’t want to make someone feel like they made the wrong choice because they want to have a big wedding or put a lot of planning into a small wedding. We are missing out on a lot of things. But I know going into this event that this is the right choice for us, and that we won’t dwell on the things we didn’t do.


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