And I said, what about Breakfast at Andy’s

Andy’s Diner has a humongous parking lot.

And it’s often filled. Why? Because it’s an extremely popular spot with a broad menu — and it’s an old school diner with a bar. 

But that’s not all Andy’s has to offer.

In addition to the large parking lot, another noticeable detail of Andy’s is how dang fancy they are. But, being greeted by a hostess wearing a black sparkly dress and dangling earrings at Andy’s does not mean you have to worry about a price tag to match. Their menu features moderately priced items, and a generous breakfast buffet that will make you feel right at home.

The bar is marble and the dark wood looks like old Hollywood, and the pictures on the wall are black and white shots of people like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. That’s when it becomes clear: Andy’s is old Hollywood style, which definitely adds to the charm.

A made-to-order creation: Scrapple, egg, and mozzarella on a croissant. 
A made-to-order creation: Scrapple, egg, and mozzarella on a croissant. 

Chris and I ordered coffee, and were easily able to relax and enjoy our time there without feeling rushed or overwhelmed, despite the large crowd. He had an omelette and home fries and I had a scrapple sandwich on a croissant with mozzarella cheese. While the food was good, it wasn’t great, but the experience did manage to feel nostalgic even though we’d never been there before. I was reminded of one of the underlying pleasures of going out to eat, a pleasure that is deeply ingrained in the whole concept, the human element: When a group of people shows up to a restaurant, they are going to a person’s place, a place someone owns and cares for. Someone put passion and heart into creating the establishment, at least on some level, and they are sharing that passion with their customers. At Andy’s Diner in Plymouth Meeting, PA, the reminder that you are being taken care of and someone is sharing something with you is subtly present, making it a cozy and comforting experience that can start off your day or evening with just the touch it needs.

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